Tips and FAQs

See my FAQ page for information on some of the most frequently asked questions I hear!


Some thoughts on how to choose and hire a web designer

Free Stuff

Some of the best things in life are free  :)

Picasa - Fantasic photo organizing software for Windows. This is similar to, and much better/faster than Kodak EasyShare software, and won't slow your computer down. It also does face recognition. (It can tell the difference between my twins, so you know it's good).

PicMonkey - If you don't want to download anything but need to edit photos, try PicMonkey. You can do some really creative stuff here.

Chrome - I was a Firefox diehard for many years. But various issues convinced me to try Google's browser, and once I tried it, I never looked back. Fast, simple and free! Two necessary extensions: Adblock Plus and B.S. Detector

Spotify - Simply the best for the music you want to hear! Mama's favorite. (Pandora is a close second).

Filehippo - I recommend getting your miscellaneous software here instead of and other places that are packing downloads with unwanted tag-along programs and toolbars. (Just make sure you have Adblock Plus installed in your browser so it's easier to see where the download button is).

Almost Free

Tag and Rename - ($30) -Are your mp3 files a mess? This program can help you get all your music files properly titled and tagged.

Postbox - ($10) Nice alternative to Outlook for email, works espcially well with Gmail accounts. For both Mac and PC.

eM Client (Free/$50) My current email program favorite!


Secure all your browsers with Adblock Plus! Everyone should be running this extension.

Unchecky - this disables bad and unwanted programs that try to sneak in through other installations.

Use OpenDNS

Cloud Backup

Crashplan - because denial is not a backup method!



Alternative: G-Data - the best German security software you've never heard of


A long-ish tutorial covering everything about Gmail

Pretty stuff

Download my twilight Mono Lake photo for your desktop wallpaper here :) Was the one of the default wallpapers for Ubuntu's operating system (Linux) a couple of years ago.

Angela Henderson Photography